If This is Thursday, It Must Be Date Day

Or not. Dick & I have a longstanding tradition of spending one day a week together. Before we retired, we had "date night" - normally on Thursdays to avoid the weekend rush at restaurants and movie theaters. Since we retired, "date day" has been on Thursdays. Most weeks.

This week, I spent Thursday with this man:

This is Kevin (everybody wave to Kevin). Kevin is the new "me" - he took over my job when I retired. Lucky Kevin. (You'll notice that the office is a lot neater. The photos on the wall are the same - Kevin liked them so I gave them to him. He obviously has good taste.) One job that Kevin inherited was organizing the annual PAL Golf Tournament. Or trying to bring some semblance of order to the pre-event chaos that occurs every year. With only one week to go until the big day, I offered to help out. I spent the day printing and labeling and organizing raffle and silent auction prizes and the check-in process for the golfers. We can accommodate 144 golfers at the tourney. As of today, we have 141 registered. Woohoo! We may very well sell out this year.

Dick has more sense. He stayed home, saw a movie with Marie, and got a lot more done on the front walkway. It's amazing how fast he can plant those stones now. If his back holds out, (those flagstones are heavy!) he'll probably have the walk done sometime next week. When he is finished with the day's work, he very carefully puts up "caution" tape to keep people from walking on the stones and knocking them out of balance. And each evening, Gary's friends carefully climb over the tape and walk on the stones to the door. At least they do it with caution.