Home Front

Well, the first phase of construction is done (mostly). We went from this at Halloween 2005

to this by April 2006. Not bad for four+ months work. And you'll notice that I said first phase? Phase two is beginning. Dick and the architect compared notes Tuesday; we should have the preliminary drawings sometime next week. Oh joy. More dust and dirt and noise. But the end result will be worth it. No, really - it will.

Dick is working on the landscaping for the front yard. We had originally planned to contract the job out, but the remodel went just a teensy (!) bit over budget, so Dick will be doing most of the work. Good thing he enjoys it. His latest project is laying the flagstone for the walkway. And yes, it really is purple. It looks good with the stone work on the house.

I love all the space the remodel has given us, the new rooms - den for Dick, bed & bath for both Gary & Marie - and my still-in-the-works, photos-next-week, gigantic craft room. But my favorite thing of all? (Promise you won't laugh.) I now have a guest bathroom.(Stop laughing. You promised.) It's not the greatest looking room, and is on the list for the Phase Three remodel, but it's clean. I can have guest towels.I can let friends and family use it without wincing or apologizing ("It's the kid's bathroom. I can't help it.")

I'm so happy.

p.s. I promised Marie that I wouldn't blog about her dance concert. She took a swing dance class at a local college and the final exam was participation in a concert with all the other dance classes. They have a lot of dance classes at the college. A lot. And they all danced. And Marie's group was third from last. It was a long night. But Marie & buddy, Jen, did a great job. So, see Marie? No photos. Unless you click here. Love ya!


Anonymous said...

oh, Marie is going to kill you!

Anonymous said...

LOL. Well I guess I can live with that one(!) picture. At least it isn't readily visible.

Anonymous said...

The house looks GREAT!!

And Marie looks simply "maaaaav-les Dahhhhh-ling".
Cute - waaaaaay cute!