In Honor Of Mother's Day

My very favorite grand-nephew - ok, he's my only grand-nephew; but I'm sure he'd still be one of my favorites anyway - is almost 18 months old. And very intelligent. (Did I mention that he's my favorite . . . . oh, yeah I did. Sorry.) I'll let his mother tell the rest of the story.

William has a new nickname. Little devil. Thelma refuses to call him anything else. As you know, the phone is William's favorite toy. After playing with it for a few minutes, Thelma took it away from him. Then, shortly thereafter, the phone rang.

"Hello?" said Thelma.

"Hi. This is the police."

"Who? What's wrong?"

At this point, Thelma's having a heart attack, thinking something bad happened to one of her kids.

"The police. Someone just dialed 911 and we wanted to make sure everything was okay."

So Mr. William placed his first 911 call. Thelma did not find the matter anywhere near as funny as I did!


Anonymous said...

Oh poor Thelma is gonna have to get a sense of humor or she isn't going to survive the next sixteen and a half years. I think it's hysterical, maybe because I have three sons? Been there.