I finished Diane's poncho tonight.

I've been working on it, off and on, since March when she came down from Oregon for the Egg Show in Westlake Village. Diane makes the most beautiful objets d'art from . . . eggs. Chicken, hummingbird, ostrich, goose . . . you get the idea.

I used Lion Brand's Martha Steward Coming Home pattern (I call it the 'Get Out Of Jail' poncho) in Homespun's "Windsor" colorway with a size "M" hook. Diane picked out the yarn. BK and I tried to talk her into something more "wild" (i.e., colorful) but she was having none of it. And now that it's done, I think she was right. I love the colors.

I've done this pattern at least eight times in different yarns. I love how flattering it is for a variety of body types and how much fun it is to crochet. The pattern holds my interest and doesn't bore me into putting it aside. It's comfortable, warm, soft to the touch. What more can you ask from a poncho?And I love the lace trim on the bottom. It looks so elegant and yet is so easy to do. (Sorry about the picture quality; hope it gives you a idea of what I'm talking about.)


Sharon said...

Gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous!!

I've had the pattern since the day you took me on my first "yarn shopping adventure". (Boy, did you ever help create a monster - Thank you for that, by-the-way). :D

I’ve started that darn shawl three times, but haven't been happy with my yarn choice. Now that I see this one finished, I can't wait to go yarn shopping again. - Do you think I'm just looking for another excuse to yarn shop? Hmmmmmm, even I might have to give that question some thought.

Anonymous said...

Okay, Elisa, You hooked me!
I LOVE IT! Now I know my next crochet project....getting tired of doing just afghans. Have been knitting those caplets/shawls but YOU WERE RIGHT crocheting can work too. :)