It Was A Crafting Kind Of Day

The new craft room threw it's first party today. Although it's not quite finished (another two weeks, says Dick) Susie & Sharon, my spinning buddies, came over to play. Susie spun on her Little Gem -

Sharon carded on her new-to-her electric carder - a gorgeous blend of mohair and silk that she hand-dyed -and I spun (64s merino, colorway "Hollyhock")and spindled (that's my new Halla pansy spindle. It spins forever!)and chased cats.Oreo was very pleased with herself. She was able to get her, uhmmmm, bodacious behind to the top of a bookshelf. Don't be too impressed, no jumping was involved - she stair-stepped from the counter top to the craft boxes to the bookshelf. The effort obviously tired her out. She spent the rest of the day sleeping by the window. She and AJ are convinced that the room was built entirely for their pleasure. They both spend most of their days laying on the countertop in the sun.

All in all, that's not a bad way to spend the day.


Sharon said...

Love the new craft room. I had a blast and can't wait to come back. Perfect for every imaginable craft (that we have managed to submerge ourselves in currently). Good fun, good friends, good food, good time!
Thanks for a great day :D

April said...

Congratulations on the craft room! And better yet...being able to enjoy it. Ever notice how Cats assume everything is for thier benefit? DH and I have determined that they own us, and we are just the care-takers of thier castle!

Cherizac said...

Wonderful! It sounds like heaven. There's just not enough time in a day to spin, knit, crochet and dye all I want to do!

Cherizac said...

Oh! I'm touched! You blogrolled me! Thanks! I'll return the favor; just figuring out how to do that.