Happy Spooky Day!

Scenes from the day. . .

Leia in her school’s Halloween parade. She’s a character from Fortnight (I have no idea which one . . .) 

Leanne is a leopard in a tutu. She wore the costume to school 

but the makeup (it’s stickers!) was only for tonight.

Jac flat refused to put on her costume (no nap = cranky baby) but we talked her into sitting in the wagon and “going for a walk.”

It only took Leanne coming back from one house with candy to get Jac out of the wagon and into the spirit of things. Unfortunately, she fell a few houses later and that was the end of trick or treating for her.

No costume for Mr. D but isn’t he cute??

Mom posted a costume pic. He’s adorable!

And from Colorado, our not-so-little-anymore Phoenix Addy. 

Doesn’t she look amazing??!  

Less than 1/3 of the houses in our neighborhood were handing out candy this year; it used to be a big deal around here. Have to say I’m sad to see this tradition going away.