Pumpkin Babies

Mary had a photo-op idea for her mom’s group. I made a pumpkin hat for the babies to wear -

and she bought a giant pumpkin, cleaned it out, cut some leg holes with Pop’s help and voila -

cutest baby photos ever. 

Then it was our turn.

Leanne loved posing with the pumpkin

and with cousin Donovan. 


She hated the whole idea,

even when Sissy tried to help,

and especially when somebody plopped the pumpkin hat on her head. 

Poor baby. (I’m still laughing. Such a bad grandma.)

We tried again today, after Jaclyn had a good night’s sleep.

Much happier baby 

but dang those fingers must taste good. 

I managed a few photos without them in her mouth, 

but she really really liked chewing them today. 

Happy pumpkin season, y’all!