Slime Girls

Leanne has been begging me to help her make slime for a couple of weeks. I was hesitant - we tried this once before and it was not a success - but the girl is slime-obsessed, so I finally gave in. 

We tried this recipeit doesn’t require borax, which I refuse to use, and I had all the ingredients on hand.

Success!! Leanne was beyond thrilled. 

I worried that Jac wouldn’t like the damp, slimy texture

but she loved it.

Jac called it her “ice cream” and gave Sissy the “no no no” finger-wag when Leanne tried to touch it. (It’s toward the end of the video. Still makes me laugh.)

Good thing I bought a gallon jug of Elmer’s glue. I think we’ll be making a lot of this.