Personality Plus

I love one-on-one time with the baby grands. Today was Jackie’s turn, until Sissy got out of school at 2. 

Jac’s become Little Miss Personality. If I ask her to look at the camera, she instantly makes a silly face.

 Mmmmmm, tastes like chicken. 

She has opinions and is stubborn isn’t afraid to stand her ground, despite what we might want. She’s silly and happy and talkative (we don’t always understand her; there’s a lot of “can you show me??” involved.)

She’s learning so much. Everyday she surprises us with something new; new words, more complex sentences, better coordination.

She love puzzles; music (current favorite is the Baby Shark song, replacing Wheels On The Bus in the #1 spot); and “kitty movies” aka Simon’s Cat videos on YouTube.

She also loves playing with Sissy and cousin Leia, and most of the time she likes baby Donovan (she’s not crazy about sharing Grandma’s lap with him).

She’s a doll and a handful and a joy. Can’t wait to see how she changes and grows in the coming months.