Pre-Halloween Fun

Halloween is mid-week this year, so some of us started celebrating on the weekend. Matt and Mary pick a theme each year and Mary makes their costumes.

Can you tell what this year’s theme is? 

Donovan Dobby the House Elf is one of the cutest things she’s done but Matt as Hagrid makes me laugh out loud. 

Leia and her friend were too busy bowling with pumpkins to have their photo taken with the family,

although Leia managed to steal borrow daddy’s costume later on (and looks darn good in it.)

Leanne built the bat globes Pop found on sale a few weeks ago.

I’m not usually a Märtha Stewart fan, but these were well thought out, construction-wise, and darn cute. Not sure how we can save them for next year but I’m going to try.

Jackie painted more pumpkin pictures 

this time with q-tips (brushes are so last week!)

And Leanne (with her mom’s help) created this awesome half-zombie pumpkin. It’s based on the book “Dawn of the Dead” by Catherine Hapka. The zombie half has a blood-shot eye, in addition to green skin and sparse hair. Leanne sculpted the nose (she told a vivid tale of how she got the holes in there . . . .), while her mom made the lips. I think it’s amazing! 

We’ll also be saving this guy for next year’s decorations!