Leia and I worked on Halloween craft projects today,

so of course Jac had to get involved as soon as she got up from her nap.

I offered her crayons first but that was a big “no, no, no”!

She wanted to paint like Leia. 

I was surprised by her concentration,

how careful she was with the paint (no spills!)

and her perseverance - she painted for well over an hour.

Pretty amazing for a two-year-old. And yes, I am a very proud and very biased grandma. 

Sissy is not going to be pleased that Jac used up all the paint leftover from Leanne’s pumpkin project. But that means we get to go craft shopping again!

Now we just need to teach Jac how to write her name, cause these will be worth a fortune some day. Right?? Lol