Space Launch

We remembered, on our way home from an impromptu antiquing trip to Cambria and Arroyo Grande, that SpaceX had a launch scheduled from Vandenberg at 7:20 Sunday night. 

We took the slow back route to Lompoc (via Hwy 1), had a leisurely dinner, then found a parking lot with an unobstructed view and settled in to wait. 

So worth it!!

I know most of S. California could see the rocket’s red glare but there was just something special about watching from less than 10 miles away and feeling the roar from both take-off and landing.

Hubby is a space nerd and SpaceX fan so seeing this first - successful! - West Coast land landing of the orbital rocket was a big thrill. 

We both can’t wait to go again - and take the grandgirls with us. 


captainhook said...

I am so envious! Wish I had seen it live and in person. What a spectacular event!