Zoo Break

While Leia was on spring break last week, we packed up both girls and headed for the Santa Barbara zoo.
You'd think, going to the zoo, that the first thing they'd want to see is the animals. Wrong.
First on their list, every time, is a trek to the Wild Slidinghill.
Second on the list?
Face painting.
Then they actually do get interested in the animals. We missed the giraffe feeding (tears from Leanne), and baby Chad wasn't yet on view in the giraffe enclosure; 

but we got to see everything else, including the gorilla bachelors, Goma and Kivu, who are moving shortly to new zoos to start their own families.
Cotton trees - I'd never noticed these before.

And last on their list - because smart grandma insists that this is dependent on their behavior -
Toys! Tigee for Leanne and Poisonous Poison Ivy for Leia.

And best of all, especially for me and Pop, both girls were happy and cooperative all. day. long. Surprise!