Addy is fascinated with typewriters. One of her first requests when she arrived was would we pleeeeeeeease get Pop's old typewriter down so she could try it out.

It took a bit of finding - this thing probably hasn't seen the light of day since Pop graduated from the Academy 1975-ish - but he hauled it down for her. Pop never could resist a little girl batting her eyes and saying 'please'.
And it turned out to be the hit of the weekend - all three girls were enchanted. The look on Leanne's face when I showed her how to use the shift-key for capital letters was priceless!

I was amazed that the typewriter - and the ribbon - still worked. Pop has had this relic since at least high school, making it a verified antique. He wanted to get rid of it years ago but I wouldn't let him. I knew it would be worth something someday.
And that worth showed up this weekend in the faces of the grand-girls.