Early Up

We were up bright and early to make the most of Addy and Rachel's remaining California time.

Once Leia and Leanne arrived, we piled into the traveling movie wagon (note the headphones in photo; in-car dvd systems are wonderful!) and headed to Ventura and the beach.
The recent storms have washed away most of the sand, leaving the beaches covered almost entirely in rocks.
The girls were a little disappointed that they couldn't go swimming or hunting for shells (there weren't any!)
but we broke out the dollar store sand toys and they quickly forgot about everything else.
Note the attire preferences - Leia in bathing suit; Addy with shorts and shirt; and Leanne in her favorite coat.
Lunch was Dickey's BBQ in Ventura - kids eat free!! on Sunday's, including ice cream cones -
then we headed back to the house for a couple of hours of cousinly play time before heading to the airport. More on the play time tomorrow . . . .
The new street lights at LAX are weird interesting.
Bye, Addy and Rachel! We miss you already!