Craftcation 2016 - Day 1

We found this cutie wandering around LAX last night and brought her (and her mom) home with us. She's so grown up now!
This morning Rachel and I headed out for Craftcation and a day of craft workshops . . . 
while Pop and Marie took the 3 cousins on a whirlwind tour of Los Angeles.
So while Rach and I made slippers from felted sweaters and
travel journals with Amy Tangerine;
then learned to put gold foil on leather (Rachel) and

embroidery stitches for a Craftcation sampler (me) . . . .
 Pop and Marie took the girls horseback riding,

steam train viewing,
and train riding,
the Hollywood sign,
then to the Griffith Observatory
(this was the highlight of Addy's trip so far; after watching The Martian - many times - she's determined to work for NASA someday).
Tomorrow Rachel and I head back for another hard day of crafting while Pop and Addy head for the LA Science Museum and the space shuttle.  
Stay tuned! 


Vickie said...

What a special time you are having!!!!! I would like to hear about the Crafting event in detail.

This has turned into a crating week, apparently. Four of us went to Anaheim Wednesday for a 5 to midnight Mega Make and Take at Scrapbook Expo. Spent the night at Linda's Newport Beach house and then spent Thursday at the Expo shopping. Could hardly walk last night, but lots of fun!