Day 3 - Craftcation

Pop and Addy had big plans today - Amtrak to Santa Barbara and the Sea Center on the pier; or Moorpark Zoo with a behind the scenes tour - but the heavy rain and threat of thunderstorms put an end to outdoor adventures. Instead, they saw Zootopia at the movie theater, then watched the first Harry Potter movie at home. Can you believe Addy has never seen any of the Potter movies?? Rachel has really been neglecting important aspects of Addy's education. . . .

Meanwhile, Rachel and I were on our last day of Craftcation. We built terrariums in our first class -

mine has a little sheep; Rachel's has a bunny and chickens.
Next up was how to take great photos for online shops (or class webpages, in my case) using just an iPhone camera. Learned we need an LED light box . . .
Our after-lunch class was canceled - can't make sun prints if there's no sun! - but Rach was able to get into a needle felting class, which she'd never tried before. Only stabbed herself twice, so we're counting that as a win.
Last up was an LED light workshop which turned out to be really cool. I made a chicken wire frame with lights and flowers that I plan to use for small snapshots. Rachel used the same frame and similar flowers, but hers will become an earring holder for Addy.
Tomorrow's the last day of Craftcation but we're going to give it a miss. In the morning we're off to the beach so Addy can gather shells for her friends in Colorado. Then a family lunch and it'll be time for Rach and Addy head back home. It's been a fun visit but - as always - much too short!