Stash Update

My fabric stash has been out of control for awhile. It was spread throughout the house, with piles here and bins there. Sewing ground to a halt because I couldn't find anything.

Earlier this week, My Pal Reyna got tired of hearing me complain came over to help organize the mess. The night before, I'd piled all* my bins, bags and boxes of fabric on the living room floor. (Hubby was soooooooo happy.)

It took us all afternoon, but Reyna whipped my mess into a logical, efficient system. Two big bags of fabric were donated to a charity quilting program. All the rest is in labeled bins, sorted by color and type of fabric (batiks, kid prints, backing fabric, etc.).

Thank you, Reyna! I can actually find things again! Sewing can begin again - starting with all those works-in-progress we unearthed and that are now neatly corralled into one two three bins.

View of the stash room, from the doorway.

Yarn bins still outnumber fabric, but not by much.


* Maybe not all the fabric. Christmas and Halloween still have their own special drawers outside the stash room. 'Cause they're my favorites.