Craftcation - Day 2

Rachel brought the rain with her from Colorado, but despite the dreariness outside, things were bright and fun inside Craftcation. My first class today was Sashiko coasters -

This was the workshop I'd been most looking forward to and it did not disappoint. Relaxing, fun, productive . . . loved it!
Rachel's first class was hand-sewn notebooks and, unfortunately, it was a snore. She made 3 or 4 books in the first 30 minutes, then went looking for another class - any class! - to learn something new.
Our afternoon was spent making the Quick Market Bag, with the same teacher as my Sashiko class, and it was awesome.
Great instructions, beautiful fabric, fun, fun, fun.
Rach and I both finished early and we're thrilled with our results.
Great way to end the first part of the day.
Meanwhile, Addy and Pop headed back to L.A. and the Science Museum.
Addy is fascinated by space and was super excited to see the space shuttle.
She was even happier that she got to see it before her Daddy.
Not that she'd rub it in or anything.
And since they were in the area, Pop and Addy stopped by the Natural History Museum to admire the dinosaurs too.
And to finish off the day? Dinner at Stacked and a trip to Bare Minerals makeup store. I needed to update my 'look' for the Queen Mary 2 cruise and apparently Addy loves her some lipstick.
We made the sales lady's day - and the store's profit margin for the day, I'm sure - but Addy and I are both very happy. And that's what really counts.


captainhook said...

Love the Sashiki, love the market bags, and three cheers for Addy! Girl scientists rule!