Leia's on spring break this week,

and Mary took some time off work to hang out with her,

so today we packed everyone up and headed south.
Leanne has been to LA's Natural History Museum a bunch of times - it's one of her mom's favorite places -

but Mary had never been and she's lived in California all her life!

Leia's been studying rocks and volcanos in school
and is about to start learning about dinosaurs, so the Dino hall was one of our first stops.
The little girls had a great time. There were lots of touchable exhibits, including this giant polar bear. The girls loved being able to touch and poke and explore things without anyone telling them "hands off!"
I think Pop was hoping to get to the Science Museum today too, but we'll save that for next time. Four hours of museuming was about all Leia and Leanne could handle. And now that we know Mary hasn't been to some of our favorite places, we've got a whole long list of museums and gardens to take her and the little girls. Desconso Gardens and Huntington Library, anyone?