Camera Ready

Hubby and I have both been hit by the organizing bug. I'm doing the '40 Bags in 40 Days' challenge in an attempt to get my craft room under control (you can follow my progress here).
Hubby's project is more fun - he's photographing and cataloging his vintage watch collection.
He set up in the front window today,

after building this cool "stage",
using the camera and adorable rugged Gorilla tripod I got him for Christmas with just this project in mind.  
He's planning to enter info on each individual piece, along with pictures, in a database I started for him.
Since he has about as many watches as I have balls of yarn - especially if you count all the parts and repair pieces - it's going to take him awhile to finish this up. Want to take bets on which of us is further along 40 days from now?