Treasure Hunt

Today's 40 Bags in 40 Days decluttering turned into a treasure hunt when I found an old jewelry box I've had since before high school. Most of the items were what you'd expect - old charm bracelets, 2 bars of scented soap (Leia happily claimed one of them), and a small strand of fake pearls.

But there was hidden treasure - my mother's high school choir pin; a bracelet from my father to my mother,
dated the year I was born;
a Lady Elgin watch, probably from the 40's, that I'm hoping hubby can fix up for me; 
and this - 
an old locket with a picture of my Granny Toe* and Granddaddy Jack. 
The photo is old and small, grainy and out-of-focus, but oh how I treasured it growing up. I adored Granny Toe - such a cheerful, talkative, perfectly made-up force-of-nature. So many happy memories from one little photo.

*Her name was Florence and she was my mom's step-mother. She wanted to be called "Aunt Flo" - since, as she said, she was much too young to be a grandmother - but I, as the first grandchild, couldn't say "Flo" and my mother objected to "Aunt", so she was always our Granny Toe.