Craft Happens

It hasn't all been kitchen remodeling around here; some crafting has occurred - I just forgot to blog it. I'm teaching at Eweniversity again this year (Saturday, April 26) and believe it or not - two of my five samples are done and in the shop!

For my Amigurumi 101 class -
a sweet little octopus 
with spirally legs.

These coasters are fast and easy, and a great way to experiment with crocheted cables.
The first one took me about 45 minutes to make; the second and third, less than 30 minutes each, which makes them perfect for a 50 minute class. Love how cheerful they are - so perfect for spring. And I can picture them in other colors for other holidays . . . Christmas, Thanksgiving, July 4th . . . . . Pretty sure I'll be making more of these.


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