Dinner With Mr. T

Have you ever noticed how much more you see when there's a kid around? 
We had dinner with Bre's family in Calabasas last night, our usual half-way point between their house and ours.
When we were done eating, Mr. T wanted to explore all the bridges and streams. 
Nothing usual about that . . . . except . . . 

he found turtles!
Lots and lots of turtles! 
The turtles we grown-ups had ever noticed before.
Let me down PopPop - I want turtles!

I knew there were koi - everybody has koi. But turtles?? Mr. T was beyond excited.
I'm still surprised he didn't fall head-first into the pond.
We spent a lot of time enjoying the turtles Mr T and all his excitement.
I'm thinking Leia and Leanne would be just as excited to see real, live turtles!