More Treasure

Did you know Rachel has chickens?? Blog post is here!

I was sidetracked from the craft room decluttering, but in a very good way. 
The kitchen pantry needed to be cleaned out since hubby is ready to install the new pantry he custom built (he's so talented. And cute too.) (The left side above is the bottom and the piece on top is the broom closet),
Guess who got the clean out job?? Actually, I volunteered - I'm enjoying this 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge a lot more than I expected.
See that big space at the top of the pantry? Want to see what was in there, besides empty grocery bags?
Candle Central! Can you tell we like candles? Some of these will go in our emergency supply containers; the partially used or damaged ones are in the trash; and the rest - including glassware - will be used or donated. No more storing them for a "special day".

Today's treasure #1 was my mother's punch bowl. I remember her using this for parties from the time I was fairly little. The ladle and cups are gone (maybe another sister has them?) but the bowl itself is in great shape.
And find #2?
The champagne glasses hubby and I used at our wedding 40 years ago (this September). I think they're in better shape than we are! (kidding!)


Petunia Pill said...

Just found that wave stitch all written out on. Pinterest. I pinned it on my board of Basic Stitches and tagged you! Have fun!