40 Bags in 40 Days

I'm taking the 40 Bags in 40 Days decluttering challenge and plan to list my daily progress here. Tackling my craft room is my main goal - just thinking about where and how to start makes me panicky. One bag a day. I can do this!

Tuesday, April 8: Picked two small areas that were bugging me and cleaned them out. 
This one held old block-of-the-month teaching squares in the bottom bin and crochet hooks and old practice samples in the small top bin.
Now, it holds nothing, as I wait to see how best to use it with my sewing/quilting table. 
This rolling bin held weaving supplies - and I haven't woven in several years. Not sure what I'll do with this; I hate to get rid of it since it's small and portable. Think I'll push it in a corner and think about it til I get the rest of the room cleaned out.  

Saturday, April 5: Another small project with big impact, at least to me. This is the table beside my TV watching seat, as it looked yesterday, piled high with various projects and crafting supplies:
And how it is today:
Makes me happy every time I look at it.
Especially since I can once again see the very first paper piecing project I ever finished. 

Friday, April 4: No before picture, but doesn't it look nice "after"? 
I'm trying to use what I have and not buy a bunch of storage bins/boxes (like I did here), but I couldn't resist these.
And they're all labeled and ready to go. Pretty!

Monday, March 31: Didn't plan on decluttering this pile of project bags today, 
but they kept getting in my way . . . . so they are out.of.here.
Five minute project and it feels great to have them g.o.n.e. 

Sunday, March 30: Tackled my sewing table today. As I've cleaned around it in the craft room, things just kept piling up and up and up . . .
 Now I can see the table top
and have enough room to lay out small-ish quilts for pin basting.
Still need to organize the fabric that came off the table, but that can be tomorrow's chore. 

Wednesday, March 26: I've done a couple of small de-cluttering sessions over the past 4 days, but nothing worth noting (or so I told myself when it came down to either blogging or crocheting and watching teevee with the hubby.) Today though - big progress on the craft room.

As noted below, the last two cabinets and drawers under the main counter were next on my list. One drawer held a bunch of spinning supplies;
the other was the fibery equivalent of a junk drawer.
The spinning drawer is now a repository of quilting and sewing supplies (I'll add more as I clean off the sewing table . . . .)
and the 'junk' drawer now holds all my (ok, most of my) crochet tools. Since it is closest to the my armchair, placing it here makes the most sense. For these drawers, I purchased two bamboo utensil trays at Big Lots for $8 each; love how nice they look, and how much stuff they hold.
It's hard to see, but the glass circle mid-left in the picture above is my Ravelry "frogged" shot glass, re-purposed to hold my darning needles. Love it!!

One bottom cabinet held weaving cones; 
the other, which is almost impossible to get into since I have to move my recliner before it can be opened (and that seldom happens . . . ), held a bunch of odds and ends, plus the very sharp wool combs I didn't want the little girls to stumble across accidentally.
The weaving cabinet now holds my spinning tools and supplies (the wool combs are in the verrrrrrry back);
and the other sits empty while I think about how best to utilize it.  

Another bag of trash is outta here. Plus, I have a box of yarn cones that will go to my buddies - with whatever remains going to the next Guild meeting - and a much smaller box of spinning fibers that will also go to friends. Not bad for one afternoon's work!        

Friday, March 21: TaaWaa! (as Leanne would say) 
The counter hasn't been this neat and tidy since the day it was installed. (See more here)
Next up - the bottom two drawers and cabinets containing spinning (right side) and weaving (left side) supplies.    

Thursday, March 20: Another small section of the craft counter - but it's now done, done, DONE.
Just need to scrub the counter down and wash the curtains tomorrow for the big reveal.  

Wednesday, March 19: Back to working on the craft room. Took the next section of crap off the counter,
including emptying those plastic drawers filled with receipts dating back to 2007. And I needed those why??? No after-picture until I have a chance to wash the curtains and counter top. 

Tuesday, March 18: Tackled a smaller project today, both because the little girls were here and because my back hurts from yesterday's marathon.
My lingerie chest is sorted and reorganized. And all those unmatched socks and ugly undies are safely in the trash (except for the few socks I kept as dust cloths.)

Monday, March 17: Took a few unintended days off - life and grandkids took precedence - but got back into it today with a bang.  I planned to just put away a few of Leia's clothes that were sitting out on the blanket chest, but that got me started on cleaning out and labeling her chest of drawers (now that she can read, it's fun to send her to get something from the "pajama" or "shirt" drawer) -
which morphed into organizing and labeling Leanne's clothing drawers - they hold a few changes of clothes and things she hasn't yet grown into. 
Then I made the mistake of opening one side of the linen closet in our bedroom
and that lead to cleaning out and organizing both sides (much more room now!)
and since I was on a roll - and making up for lost days - the blanket chest that started all this got emptied
AND the antique hutch in our family room, where I keep all my vintage linens
and holiday tablecloths -
got dumped out, organized and restocked. The left-most side now holds framed photos that I still need to sort through . . . another day.
Tuesday, March 11: If I'd worked according to the "plan", today's project should have been another drawer/cabinet combo. Instead, this mess called to me - 
bags of yarn, class materials, and partially done projects. A dozen trips (at least!) up the stairs and it was all in the yarn room -
ready to be sorted into bins. Ran out of daylight and energy about the same time, so I'll finish this part tomorrow. Then it's time to decide just how many project bags any one person really needs. (And no, this is not all of them . . . . )
But for now, I'm basking in that beautiful, open floor space.

Monday, March 10: Another 2 drawers - one in the craft room, one in the entry hall - and a bottom cabinet cleaned out, sorted and done. I thought it was going to be harder to sort all the sewing stuff, but once I got going it was fine. Another bag of trash is out of the house; the donation bin is getting heavier; and the drawers are neat, tidy - and almost empty!

Sunday, March 9: Sidetracked again, this time in a good way. 
Cleaned out the kitchen pantry so hubby can start installing the new, custom pantry he just built. 
Only 1 bag of trash; the bottom 3 shelves were sorted out when hubby installed the first set of new cabinets a few months ago, 
but I see lots of donate-able glassware in my future.  
My helper and I are saving that decision for when I restock the new pantry.
Saturday, March 8: Got sidetracked into helping clean and pack up youngest son's room. Two hours of hot, sweaty work, and numerous bags of trash, but it's done.

Friday, March 7: Woke up thinking about 40 Bags in 40 Days and couldn't wait to get started. Today was Zone 2 - the first of 4 drawer/cabinet combos that each store supplies for a different craft. I'd planned to clean the top of the cabinet separately, but once I got going, it seemed natural to include that in the day's de-cluttering. 
Another bag of trash gone; another pile of donations ready to go. Feeling really good about this!

Thursday, March 6: Finished cleaning out the file cabinet from yesterday and felt so energized I tackled a big stack of patterns that have piled up over the last few years. 2 bags of trash and a big box of scrapbooking stickers are out of here! ~happy dance~

Wednesday, March 5: Didn't get as far as I'd hoped today - Leia spent the afternoon and evening with us, so my cleaning time turned (happily) into play time. I've broken my craft room into "zones" to make this more manageable.
For Zone 1, I'd planned to clean this corner plus empty out that file cabinet of ancient banking records and scrapbooking supplies I haven't used in 8+ years. The emptying-out will happen tomorrow.
Very pleased with Day 1's progress. Every little bit helps!

Tuesday, March 4: getting a head start since the official start is tomorrow. 
  • Cleaned out the suitcases that have been sitting since our trip to Colorado;
  • sorted the knitting and craft supplies - 2 giant bags! - that were gifted to me by my estate sale buddy in January. Separated out what I want to keep and will give my buddies a shot at the rest before donating whatever remains this weekend. 


Vickie said...

I love how the cats have a "tanning" area in Zone 1; such a good cat mom!