Milestone Birthday

Hard to believe Miss Naia is 13 already. 
She had plans on Friday, her actual birthday, so we got together Monday afternoon. First up was an afternoon of pottery painting at a new place in Oxnard (fun but very expensive. Don't think we'll be going back, except for very special occasions.) 
Leia chose a unicorn (no surprise there),
while Naia picked a pig from Angry Birds.

She opened her very first savings account on her birthday, so I think $$ - and the saving of it - is on her mind.
The finished pieces will be done in a week or so. The girls were a little disappointed they couldn't take their masterpieces home with them, but they got over it pretty quick with the promise of dinner and dessert.

Naia's main gift from us was the crocheted unicorn I've been working on since before Christmas. 
She had said she wanted one, but I wasn't sure what her reaction would be to both the colorway and a stuffed toy. 
I need not have worried. She loved it. Georgette Flower Pony never left Naia's side the entire night. Couldn't have asked for a better reaction!