I'm amazed at how much kindergarteners are expected to learn in their first year of school. When Leia started in August, she had to already know her alphabet, recognize upper and lower case letters, and be able to count to 100.

The first month, her teacher started the class working on word recognition - sight words - and Leia has soaked it up like a little sponge. And she loves, loves, LOVES recognizing words around her ("hey, that's my word!") and expressing herself in writing.
Last week, she handed me this little note, done without any adult help.
Then, over the weekend, I found these when I opened the curtains in the living room. ("I like my flower balloon dog." "Flower balloon dog.")
And tonight? This was on the door of my nightstand, down low enough that I didn't notice it until I went to put something away.
Leia doesn't think these are any big deal, but I love them. This kindergarten learning thing is pretty great for grandmas too.