Progress Report

I've been keeping my 40 Bags in 40 Days stuff off the main page (click the link in the sidebar if you want to follow along), but I'm so pleased with this week's progress, I have to share.

This is the main counter in my craft room, as it was last week.
And this is the same counter today - 
BIG change.  I found receipts dated from 2007; projects from 2009. All of it is g.o.n.e.

I still have some organizing to do - these cabinets hold spinning supplies (on the right) and weaving yarns (on the left) that need to be sorted and re-homed.
A small box of stuff from the counter still needs sorting; the remaining curtains need to go in the dryer and be re-hung. Then I'll tackle the big bookshelves (on the left in the top 2 photos). And as a reward when all that's done? 
I get to set up my new sewing station. I set a goal of having everything else done before I allowed myself to work on this. Cause once it's done? It's sewing time