Weaving Update

Last night I came home exhausted from my weaving workshop and promptly went to bed. But it was definitely worth it. After a trip through the washer (on delicate cycle, cold water, no soap) and the dryer (on permanent press), Saturday's sampler turned out super soft, with surprisingly even edges. I'll try for better pictures tomorrow when (if - it's supposed to rain all day) the sun comes out.
The goal was to try different colors and types of yarn to see what the results would be. I used both rayon and polyester sewing thread, acrylic chenille (the light purple block), elastic thread (for 'puffs' - love that stuff!), and rayon chenille in yellow, gold, Christmas red (!), brown and peach. My favorite color? The red. I thought it would be the worst color possible (which was why I choose it) but it looks strong and bright and I - along with everyone else in the workshop - loved it. Who knew??

I spent all day Sunday rethreading the reed (I mistakenly used a 10-dent rather than 8-dent for the first project, which made the scarf too dense) and tying on a new warp. I carefully removed the old reed from the beater (red arrow) and set it on a holder behind the new reed (green arrow). Then 2 by 2, I took all 150 or so threads out of the old slots and pulled them into the new slots. Then one by one, I tied a new color onto the old warp threads. It took awhile but was still faster than starting over from scratch and rethreading all the heddles (the white string things). Plus I got to try something new under the watchful eye of an experienced weaver, which is always a good thing. The new warp is on and ready for me to start weaving tomorrow, after my crochet class. If all goes well, this will be a scarf for Dick. Crossing my fingers. . .