Done With CBAM

Until May, anyway. I finished the last two squares for my block-a-month class today. Both are my own design and teach specific concepts.

February's block could be named 'things that go bump in your crochet' - popcorns, bobbles (dc and sc) and clusters.
It's hard to see the design; wish I'd had time to take outdoor photos before I took this one to the shop today.

This block gave me fits the entire time I was making it; I must have frogged it four or five times before I got it to a point that was acceptable. I may play around with the pattern again before I teach this one.
April's block is Intarsia, which comes from the Italian word meaning 'inlay'. While researching this one, I found that the difference - one of them anyway - between Intarsia and Fair Isle is that with Intarsia the yarn isn't carried across the blocks. It's held on bobbins (which I knew) that hang down the back of your work. Fair Isle is stranded; the unused yarn is carried loosely on the wrong side, with floats of 4 to 5 stitches at a time. The reverse side of Fair Isle looks very messy to me; Intarsia is nice and neat. I used MS Excel to design this block. Nice to know I can use my pre-retirement training for something important - like crochet.