FO's One and Two

These are for my crochet block-a-month classes, probably in March and April. I finished them before the New Year but I'm counting them as 2009 FO's since that's when I'm teaching them (and I didn't get them photo'd, Rav'd and blog'd until now.)
I think Picot Lace, based on a stitch from MyPicot.com, would make a great shawl or wrap. It's very elegant-looking; the picots remind me of little crowns.Bowtie, from Donna Kooler's Encyclopedia of Crochet, would be cute as a baby blanket; I'd do it in pastels, changing colors at the start of each 'tie'.

The second and next-to-last bows in the sample are in half-double crochet - the rest is all single crochet - to show what it would look like. As much as I dislike a project that's all sc, I do like those ties better than the hdc ones. If - when? - I make this into a baby blanket, I'd use a nice, fat yarn and a really big hook. Fast, easy, enough variety to keep it interesting; perfect project for gifting.

On another note, MyPicot.com is a fairly new-to-me site with some unusual crochet stitch patterns. They have a knitting side too, but I haven't checked that out. The stitches are shown as diagrams, no text, which can get very interesting on the more complex patterns. Beautiful stitch patterns, easy to navigate site; well worth checking out.


Dogmommy4 said...

Very pretty E! Too bad I don't crochet (wink wink)! gd