Here Froggy, Froggy

I had the Caffe Sweater (Rav link; I can't find a photo of the finished sweater on-line. Bummer.) about 3/4 done - back and two front panels, both sleeves started - when I pinned it together and tried it on. Not good. I swear I did a gauge swatch and I swear I got the right gauge when I started this. The Yarn Harlot is right - swatches lie*. Not only is the d**n thing too small, but the stitches are too thick and bulky. Hate the drape and texture.

I sent the entire project to the frog pond and started over tonight. I've moved up 2 hook sizes (from an "L" 8mm to an "N" 10mm). With the bulky yarn I'm using, I should be able to remake this quickly.

But if this gauge swatch lied? I'm setting fire to the whole thing.

* I would have figured this out a lot sooner if there were sizing schematics in the pattern. Really, really don't like that about this book.