Ravelry For Weavers

For the weavers out there, have you found Weavolution yet? It's still in the beginning stages but looks to be a Ravelry-type site for weavers. Several fund-raising auctions have been held (I haven't won anything yet, darn it) and donated items are also offered on ebay. I love Ravelry and if Weavolution is even half as cool, I bet it will be indispensable. Check it out!

From the website: "
We are (or will be) a social network for handweavers, where people can share projects, see what others are doing, or discuss weaving-related matters (or just hang out) in our discussion forums.

Weavers of all types will be welcome, from basketweavers to those who weave on small peg looms to those who use large, complex table and floor looms.

Weavolution will offer user notebooks to catalog projects, ways to share weaving plans or patterns and find project inspiration, forums to socialize with other weavers, and methods for finding information and resources for weaving."