Gigi challenged me so here goes . .

(Original challenge issued by this blog).
1) go to the 4th picture folder

2) go to the 4th picture in the folder

3) tell 4 things about that picture

4) tag 4 more people

My picture organization leaves a lot to be desired (along with most organizational aspects of my life); I have several places where I store photos. So in the spirit of the challenge, I went to where I'm supposed to store photos - the 'My Pictures' folder - chose the 4th folder and the 4th picture.

You aren't going to believe this (or maybe you will, considering how crochet-addled I am) but it's a crochet project, one of my favorites.

Fact 1: This was taken at Scott and Jennifer's wedding in July 2007. If you click to enlarge the photo, you can see the champagne glasses and place cards in the background.

Fact 2: I loaned Marie my shawl because her dress had no sleeves and she was freezing. My price was posing for this photo.

Fact 3: The wedding was in the morning and the reception (where this was taken) was in the evening. Hubby's brother Bill and wife Carolyn had come down from Idaho - we don't get to see them often - and the four of us spent the intervening hours at the Laguna Beach Sawdust Festival. Wow, there are some seriously good artists who exhibit there!

Fact 4: This is my favorite shawl, and maybe my favorite project, of all time. I adapted it from a doily pattern, designing the 'arms' as I went. It's made from organic cotton and is super soft. How funny that it would be the 4th photo.

Hmmm, whom to tag? How about Rachel, Wenona, Tanya, and Jill.