Five Months Old

While Leia was here Sunday, I took her outside for a photo shoot on the lawn. At 5-months, Leia loves to sit up by herself. She can't yet pull herself into a sitting position, but once she's up, she has no problem staying upright.
Until this last month, Leia hated to be on her stomach. If you put her on her belly, she'd stay that way for a few seconds and then start protesting. Now Leia has no problem with tummy-time and enjoys practicing her push-ups. She hasn't started rolling over or trying to crawl - yet. But with two older siblings, locomotion can't be far away. As you can probably guess, our girl loves her food. She's eating 3 or so jars of baby food a day in addition to her regular bottles. Leia also likes making faces and singing to herself. She's very vocal; I've heard her talking to herself in the middle of the night when she's stayed with us. Not fussing or even really awake; just telling herself stories to pass the time. And best of all, she's a very happy baby. Smiling, laughing, enjoying those around her. I think she's a keeper.