Trimming The WIP List

I'm working on finishing some works in progress (aka 'WIPs'). I like having multiple projects going - when I get bored with one, I can pick up another, and some make better take-along projects than others - but I've been feeling the need to complete some things before I move on to bigger projects.

This is Lily Chin's Mock Faroese Shawl from Fiber Trends.
The previous shawl I made from this pattern gets worn all the time (maybe because it's cashmere and feels yummy?). This one is a shop sample for the class Anne and I are co-teaching in February; she's teaching the knit version while I do the crochet. Should be interesting.

The yarn is South West Trading Company's Toftusies sock yarn made from shrimp and crab shells (nope, not kidding!) along with superwash wool, soysilk and cotton. The colors are great and I love the texture. The first ball was wonderful to work with. The second had 3 or 4 knots and in multiple places the 3-ply yarn had split or frayed, leaving only 1 ply holding it together. I hope that was just a fluke, since the first ball was so good, but it does make me hesitate to buy more.
But I love the finished shawl. Who knew sock yarn could have such great drape?

Tech specs:
Fiber Trends 'Mock Faroese Shawl' pattern #110LC; 2 balls (928 yards) SWTC's Tofutsies, color #922; and a "J" crochet hook.


Leigh said...

I love the shawl. I wouldn't have thought to do it in sock yarn; great idea!

Gigi said...

"Who knew sock yarn could make such great drape?"

Me! I had the same reaction when I made this pattern out of Noro's Silk Garden Sock - LOL. It is also one of my most worn shawls for just that reason and because it stays put when wrapped. Sigh. Love the look of that shawl. I keep thinking I need to make a second one and the subtle colors in that one look great! Ideas, ideas. =-)