Ringing In The New Year

Even when she's sick, Leia is a happy baby. We got to keep her* over New Year's Eve and she kept us better entertained than a party ever could. Although she's coming down with a cold - how could she not when almost everyone around her is sick? - she laughed and smiled the evening away.

The towel was Leia's constant companion due to her still 'delicate' stomach.

Congestion woke her up repeatedly during the night. I got to sleep around 12:15 (Dick and I stayed awake to midnight, barely) but woke up when Leia started 'talking' at 1:30. After that, she'd doze for awhile before waking up again, happy and smiling but awake. I passed her off to Dick at 6:30 and went back to bed while the two of them watched Bones and Mythbusters marathons.

This is Leia's 'I'm tired of the camera now' look.
Dick also weighed Leia on our bathroom scale. Our 4-month-old princess weighs a whopping 19 pounds. The pj's she's wearing are 9-month size and while the legs and arms need to be rolled up, the body fits her just fine. I'm sure that once she gets mobile the weight will melt away, but she sure is an adorably chubby little thing right now. *Miles - who turned three on Dec. 29 - is still with his dad. Naia decided she'd rather stay home with mom and Nana than spend what I was forced to admit would be a 'boring' night with us. Marie and I took her pottery painting in the afternoon on New Year's eve though. No pictures; I forgot my camera and my phone battery died just before we started painting. Finished project pix sometime after Jan. 7.