One Day To Go

Our next to last day in PA. Tuesday, early, we board our plane back to LAX and "normal" life. If we could have the grand-girls with us - and maybe the cats (I miss Lily; hubby doesn't) - I wouldn't mind traveling more.

Today was chocolate day - Hershey's Chocolate World, including a 4-D movie (smell-o-vision!) and the factory tour ride.
Who knew so many steps went into making chocolate bars?!? Even if chocolate wasn't one of my very favorite things, the tour would have been interesting.
For lunch, I tried the cocoa-infused chicken sandwich (yummmmmm!) and the chocolate bbq sauce (tasty). If anybody was going to have good chocolate chicken, it would be Hershey, right? Next time, maybe they'll have chocolate-infused asparagus. I could go for that!
We thought about going to the Hershey museum after we finished shopping (had to buy presents for the little girls!), but decided to see the state capitol instead.
Beautiful old building,

with statues

and lamp posts,

and heroes on horses.

Several older churches are across the street;
we arrived just in time to hear one of their carillons chiming the hour.

Hubby and I both love taking pictures of architectural details,
and since it was Sunday,

there were no pesky people getting in our shots.
Even the streets were fairly empty of traffic, although most of the parking spots were filled.
All in all, a very peaceful, relaxing day. Tomorrow we head back to Philly, with maybe a covered bridge or three thrown in for interest.