Olaf Dress Trio

I found Olaf shirts at Target and had to have them. 
 Can you see the crowns on the skirt? Perfect for Frozen dresses! (click picture for bigger) 

The little girls looooooooove Olaf, so I figured Olaf dresses would be a big hit. 
I'm not sure they liked them
. . . . . kidding!
Leanne and Leia love them!
Addy's will go in the mail tomorrow - hoping her mama will send me modeled pictures when it arrives. Maybe some silly ones like Leia's
and Leanne's . . . . 

P.S. This is my Sew Crazy Challenge project for May. All three dresses have top stitching where T-shirt meets pink, and pink meets blue fabric; and all have finished seams on the inside. These took me awhile to finish and I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out.