Last Day, Last Bridges

We only had time to see two bridges on our way to Philly today. I'd hoped to hit three (or five...) but travel time was just too long. Good thing we didn't push it - the iPad navigation app I've been using got us totally lost in Northern Philadelphia, not an experience I care to repeat.

Taking cloud pics while waiting for a cab in Philly.

By the time we got to the rental car office, we were within minutes of being late rather than the hour early I'd planned. (Anybody have a navigation/map app they like? I don't like Google Maps either . . .)
First up, Zimmerman Bridge in Pine Grove, built in 1880.
This was supposed to be a Howe truss (like this example) . . .
but it's another Burr arch truss.

Oh well, still interesting.

A little way down the road was Rock Bridge, built in 1870.
Supposed to be a Howe truss,
actually was a - say it with me - Burr truss. Mr. Burr sure got around.
This one had a handicap fishing ramp next to it, which was pretty neat (you can see part of it on the right; click the picture above to enlarge.)
Sadly, for me anyway, that concludes the PA edition of the covered bridge tour.
Links to helpful websites are below, mainly so I can find them the next time we go bridge hunting.
Bridgehunter.com - a database of historic or notable bridges in the United States, past and present.
CoveredBridgeMap.com - bridges listed and mapped by state. Good way to find the address of a specific bridge.
Covered Bridge Trusses - diagrams and descriptions of most common trusses.
Theodore Burr Covered Bridge Society - more detailed information on truss designs.