Movin' On

This morning we reluctantly said hasta la vista, baby! to Niagara Falls and headed northward to Whirlpool National Park. Gorgeous!

Beautiful flowers too;

love these fancy tulips.

And see the air trolley?

I soooooooo wanted to ride that! But it's on the Canadian side, darn it. Next visit we're bringing our passports.

Tap picture to enlarge.

Further up the coast, at the juncture of lakes Erie and Ontario, is old Fort Niagara, built by the French starting around 1726.
The Castle

Hubby and I like visiting old forts,

so when I saw this listed on a sign at Niagara Falls,

we didn't pay much attention except to say we wanted to go see it.

Can I just say "wow"? Interesting to see, great history,

beautifully preserved and a fantastic view - this place has it all.
Freezing!! Temps in the 40's and a strong wind blowing off the water.

Including a lighthouse in the parking lot -
and a great textile artifact.
This is a garrison flag from 1813, captured by the British as a war trophy, then preserved in a Scottish ancestral home until 1994 when the fort's historical/restoration association purchased it, restored it and put it on exhibit.

So wonderful to see something that old, with that much history, being so well cared for.

We've headed south again, into Pennsylvania, with the goal of spending a couple of days near Hershey (chocolate factory!!) before heading back to Philly on Monday. Almost time to head home . . . .