Back in Pennsylvania

It started as a joke when we passed a billboard - a museum dedicated to cigarette lighters?? Let's stop! hahaha - but when we stopped for the night in Bradford, PA, and the Zippo-Case Museum was just down the street, we decided what the heck.

Great decision! The Zippo museum was really interesting, and hubby enjoyed the Case knives section. Zippos are proudly made in Bradford, USA - which I love - and have had a strong connection to the military since World War II.

They've also had starring roles in movies from Green Beret with John Wayne to one of hubby's favorite TV "classics" - Stargate.

I learned a lot and had fun too - which makes this my favorite kind of museum. Actually wish we could have stayed longer. But we did pick up a couple of souvenirs on our way out . . .

His and hers lighters. What every couple needs!

Then it was southward, towards Hershey, with a couple of stops for covered bridges. (Sorry, Rach!)
Truth in advertising. (See the sign??)

I'm searching for truss types we haven't already seen. It's hard to find bridges that aren't Burr or, less frequently, king/kingpost.

Logan Mill Bridge, built in 1874, has a Queenpost truss

and a different ceiling design than I remember seeing before.

A copy of the bridge's story was tacked to the wall, a sign that someone cares about this baby's upkeep.

It was in great shape, standing up well to the flooded river that's currently passing beneath its deck.

The same can't be said for our second bridge, unfortunately.

This poor thing - the Mertz-Northwood Bridge, built in 1976 -

looks to be on its last leg.
It's a multiple Kingpost design that's missing several "kings".
I didn't dare walk onto it, it was in such bad shape. Don't think this one will be standing much longer.
Tomorrow's plan is to head for Hershey and a tour of the chocolate factory (provided I'm not sick from the almost raw chicken I was served for dinner tonight - yuck!), then time permitting, check out a couple more bridges (double sorry, Rachel!). It's just such a great way to see the countryside.


Anonymous said...

Wish I had checked in sooner - Bedford County, PA has an actual driving tour of their 14 covered bridges you might have enjoyed. http://www.visitbedfordcounty.com/bridges/bridges.html Am enjoying your photos of your trip. NJ from TN

Elisa said...

Thanks for the link, NJ. We'll plan to do that driving tour next trip. Love that the bridges are so close together that you can see them in a day. Ep