On The Road Again

Southward, to Mount Vernon, was our goal for the day. We got an early(ish) start and hit the new, improved, amazing visitor's center by 11.

We wandered the grounds until our timed entry for the mansion tour,

then hustled over to be ready for our second tour - National Treasure 2, movie vs history.

Lots of information in both tours - we were able to see the mansion's second floor, with most of the home's bedrooms, for the first time,
The 100+ year old tree behind Addy is where Nicholas Cage appeared, enroute to the big birthday bash.

along with the cellar/basement under the main house and the under-repair ice house that were both featured in the movie. Too bad there really isn't a tunnel under the house . . . .

Addy liked this white ash that was planted in 1819,

and the sheep

but she was absolutely fascinated (what kid wouldn't be?) by the privies,

both the one-hole (above)

and the 3-hole party potty.

Mount Vernon greenhouse: (flower photos to follow)

The wharf, just before the rain started.

Most wood boards on the exterior of the mansion are original to the house.

Here's why.

We had a late lunch at the Mt. Vernon Inn, including their famous peanut and chestnut soup (which I loved!)

then headed 3 miles down the road to Washington's restored gristmill and distillery.

The cornmeal grinding demo was pretty interesting,

although Addy thought the machinery was waaaaaay too loud.

The distillery talk was even more interesting.

The original building burnt down around 1814. Archeologists were able to determine the original building's floor plan and equipment placement, and the current distillery was built to exactly match those specs.

You think that would be enough sightseeing (and walking) for one day, but no. Northward again, this time to Arlington Cemetary.

We had to hustle, since it was approaching closing time,

but we were able to see President Kennedy's grave, with Robert E. Lee's home on the hill directly above it,

and the day's last changing of the guard ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Such a sadly beautiful ceremony to watch.
No relation, that we know of.

Then home, finally. Just in time for the heavens to open up and pour rain on Pop and I as we emerged from the corner sandwich shop. Tomorrow, plans call for a trip to the zoo and pandas!! Stay tuned!