Marigolds, Pumpkins and Worms - Oh, My!

Auntie Marie spotted a pumpkin plant at her nursery and immediately thought of Leia, whose favorite season is when PUMPKINS!! are on the ground. 
We added marigolds as a companion plant - they help keep bugs away from the fruit -
and earth worms for soil improvement (and because they are cool.)
PopPop did the hard work,
breaking the soil and adding the grow poop soil amendment, 
with just a bit of "help" from Leia.
Then Leia and I carefully built two hills for the pumpkin plants, 
and surrounded them with marigolds, which Leia planted all by herself.
A little watering with her new purple watering can, 
also courtesy of Auntie Marie, and we were good to go.  
Leanne got up from her nap just in time to flip a little dirt and pose for photos. She was having so much fun, she didn't even mind that Leia had "borrowed" her favorite sunglasses.
And now?
Happy girl and I wait patiently for the pumpkins to grow and water, water, water!