Rainbow Dress

Addy spotted this fabric while we were at Joann's and begged to have it.

Mom said "no", so Addy and I waited until Rachel was distracted and then we "snuck" back to the fabric department and bought it. Addy loved being sneaky with grandma (and Mom, of course, knew exactly what was going on. Moms always do.)

This is a 'cheater' dress - the shirring and skirt are all one piece - so, in theory, one seam should have seen it done. Riiiiiight.

Several hours and another trip to the fabric store, this time Hobby Lobby, to get fabric for a ruffle and straps . . . plus glittery tulle* (because it was there)

and a Clover Kawashi flower maker (because I saw one on Emily's blog and wanted it)

and rhinestone buttons for the flower . . . the dress was finally done.

Addy wore it to Grandpa Jim's birthday bbq today and pronounced it "perfect", telling everyone that her grandma made it just for her. What greater compliment could a grandma possibly get?


* glitter from that tulle is everywhere. It falls off by the pound and sticks to anything it touches. Next time, I'm definitely getting the non-glitter variety - and I'm leaving all these glittery leftovers at Rachel's house!