Backyard Treasure

We often forget about the cool things that are almost in our backyard. One such is Moorpark College's EATM Zoo. The exotic animal training and management program started in the early 70's. We took our kids to visit when they were young but hadn't been back in years.

The zoo has grown since then, needless to say. We took Leia for a visit today and she loved it - from Cowboy the parrot, who performed tricks and 'mimicked' words,

to the blue-tongued skink in the animal show (the color is a defense mechanism; bright colored things in the animal world are often poisonous, so even though the skink isn't, predators avoid them. Cool, huh?)
to Clarence, the 90-year-old, 500 pound Galapagos tortoise.
Students were available everywhere to answer questions - and Leia had lots to ask. She got to help make treats for birds and monkeys - wrapping food in rolled up newspaper that the students then put in tubes or boxes for animal enrichment.
Monkeys, singing dogs, birds, lions, sheep, water buffalo, and more. Short drive, inexpensive, and fun. Yep, we'll be back soon.


Restless Knitter said...

I saw your picture of the tortoise and knew immediately where you had been. They had a birthday party for him not too long ago :) We live about a mile or so from there and have a yearly pass.