Pantry of Awesome

Whenever we visit Colorado, the conversation inevitably turns to home renovation or remodeling. The apple didn't fall far from the tree where oldest daughter is concerned. She and Pop toss around ideas, sketch designs, price building supplies, for everything from putting an addition on the back of Rachel and John's house to tearing out walls and enlarging existing rooms.

This trip, Pop came up with an idea for adding a pantry to the kitchen. And he wasn't going to let little things - like all his tools being in California - get in the way.

Materials and a few essential tools (who knew a "dowell jig" was a must-have??) were purchased Thursday, and early Friday morning he started making a mess framing.

Addy and I wisely stayed out of the way,

but both Rachel and John were put to work at one point or another.

By late dinner time, the doors were on,

shelves were assembled

and Addy had pronounced this project a success.

Sanding, staining and handle installation still needs to be done, but for the most part, our pantry-in-a-day is complete.



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