Not That Big A Deal

Usually it's a fairly big deal when your fence blows down in a wind storm (the same storm that fanned the Springs Fire).  
But the way our year has gone, the fence ranks only as a minor nuisance, 
well behind the slab leak and 5-hour fun-with-plumbers day;
installing a new washing machine when the old one flooded the house and garage before dying;
guest bathroom tear-down/remodel after the water pipes gave out and flooded that room (seeing a theme here?);
installation of a whole-house, expensive but effective and unfortunately necessary, burglar alarm system;
and my new wall oven, part of the kitchen remodel, but we'd hoped the old one could hang on for another few months.

Thank heavens for Handy Hubby or we'd be in the poorhouse right about now.
Personally, I'm ready for this year to be over.


Vickie said...

OK, 2013 officially stinks in both our households!!!!!! Let's join in a petition drive to skip the rest of this year before we all go bankrupt!!