Flowers With Attitude

Went out to take pictures of the one, lonely iris that's blooming - 
according to the chart, this one is Goldfinger (hmmm, I wonder why?) -
but this is my favorite pic of the day. 
Such attitude! Gotta love it when even the flowers give you the finger.

The rest of the garden was a bit more polite 
and gave me a chance to experiment with my new super-macro lenses.
The difference in magnification between the old lens 

and the 4x is amazing,
but when you go up to 10x?
The detail is astounding (see 2nd Goldfinger pic above).
Looking forward to going to Descanso Gardens or Pleasants Valley Iris Farm to practice some more.
Happy almost Spring, everyone!


Anonymous said...

oh I LOVE this post!!

Do I see some Lantana in there? I had a yellow lantana my mom bought me as a gift for helping her plant her gardens. Actually, I picked out 3: A lantana, a superbells (which died, I think I overfertilized) and a daisy, which only produced one flower at a time and only a few flowers all summer :/ ?? but the Lantana LOVED it's spot in the ground...the other two were in pots. And the lantana got HUUUUUUUUUUUUGE. And its smell resembled lemonade...oooh! can't wait to see more of your garden!